Claro Labs Toxscreen

The Client

Claro Labs is a toxicology screening service. They are using mass spectrometers and unique scientific methods to screen urine samples for analytes important in pain medication management and other medical services.

The Challenge

When Claro first started processing samples it took them too long to analyze the data they gathered from their lab systems. They had to use a general, research focused software tool that interfaced with the miscellaneous hardware, spreadsheets, and handwritten notes to determine the positive or negative indications of results. The process was potentially error prone and inefficient. Our challenge was to provide Claro with a software solution to help speed up the process of reviewing their data, and compile the data in a way that could be presented to their clients.

Our Approach

When first getting involved with the project, we spent time with Blair Whitaker, the President of Claro, getting to know both the science and business of their operation. Because of the complexity of their processes and overall workflow it was very important that we understood all aspects of the process, and how each affected the data throughout. As our understanding evolved we were able to offer ideas that worked toward Claro's end goal.

Whiteboard sessions were key in relating the science to the user experience.

The Result

Claro now uses their web based tool to manage all data that is collected in the lab. This data starts as multiple large tab delimited files with 10k to 20k lines of data each. Testing personnel at the lab upload these files into the system where it is parsed, analyzed, and stored. Next, a hierarchy of personnel must each review the same data and confirm either the systems decisions or the changes of the lower level user before them. Once the Director has reviewed and signed off on all changes, PDF reports are generated and sent to clients.

With this new system, Claro has reduced the time for processing one batch of data from approximately 6-8 hours to generally less than 1 hour. At the same time, confidence in both the data and audit trails are reinforced by the foundation of their new tool.

We built the upload page to accept the various files that are needed to build a run. The next evolution of this feature will include a drag and drop interface that will accept multiple files at the same time.
Our first iteration of this feature took a few minutes to parse. However, Will optimized this by moving the logic from the PHP to MySQL database statements, dropping the time to parse down to seconds.
Claro analysts must sift through mountains of data to review the important results. The Results Overview page in Toxscreen gives the analyst an instant picture of what data is important to them. Using the filters and column sorts at the top of the table allows them to quickly drill down to the results they want to look at.
Clicking on any of the results in the Results Overview table opens up an overlay where they can make decisions on the data. Analytes also are grouped with their "families" since analytes within the same family can effect each other's indications.
After the data has all been reviewed, we compile it in various reports. Some of them get sent to Claro's clients, while the one pictured above is used for Claro's internal record keeping.
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